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Pantheon is a Signature Edition omnibus – the first such omnibus, collecting the Pocket TNG novels Reunion and The Valiant – written by Michael Jan Friedman. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in September 2003.


From the book jacket
From Earth to the edge of our galaxy and beyond, from the early days of warp flight to the latter half of the twenty-fourth century, Humankind and its alien partners in the Federation have looked to their heroes to expand the limits of their knowledge. And as each generation's pantheon of heroes has passed on into legend, a new generation has risen to take its place.
So it was with the crew of the SS Valiant, the first Earth vessel to cross the galactic barrier. So it was with the crew of the Starship Stargazer and her fledgling commander, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. And so it was with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the flagship of Starfleet, which Picard commanded with wisdom and temperate maturity.
Over the years, Fate has woven the voyages of these three vessels into a vivid skein of treachery and sacrifice, hardship and determination, tragedy and courage – each step of the way demonstrating the immeasurable worth of the flawed but farseeing heroes who commanded them.

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See the separate volumes for individual summaries.
  • Introduction by Michael Jan Friedman
  • Prologue: The Valiant Book One
  • Part One: Reunion
  • Part Two: The Valiant Book Two
  • A Look Inside: Interview with Michael Jan Friedman, by Kevin Dilmore

Background information[]

  • Unlike other omnibus collections, Pantheon combines both of its collected novels into a single narrative; new linking material featuring Guinan serves to link from the end of Reunion to the Stargazer portion of The Valiant.


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