The Paqu-Navot Treaty was an agreement between the two Bajoran factions Paqu and Navot. The treaty was arranged in 2279 by the leaders of the two factions and included the split of their land, making the Glyrhond River the natural border of the territories.

Ninety years later in 2369, after the Cardassians diverted the river during the Occupation of Bajor twenty kilometers west into the Navot territory because of their mining operations, a meeting between the two faction leaders, Woban and Tetrarch Varis Sul, was held aboard Deep Space 9. The Paqu insisted that, according to the treaty, the river was the border, so the land east of it now belonged to them while the Navot called this position "stealing land". Commander Benjamin Sisko was the mediator by the request of the Bajoran Provisional Government. (DS9: "The Storyteller")