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Paramount Stage 17 is located on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood, California.

Stage 17 housed minor swing sets for the production of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and was one of three sound stages used in the production of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine throughout its entire run (1992-1999). In 1978, it was also used in filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


The spacewalk sequence in Star Trek: The Motion Picture was filmed on Stage 17 between 27 November and 6 December, 1978. The stage also housed the Orbital office complex and Travel pod sets for the same film. [1]


During the 1988 production of the fifth Star Trek film, Stage 17 was used for indoor shooting of "outdoor" sets. Climactic scenes set on planet Sha Ka Ree were filmed here with large rocks rigged to rise from the stage floor to create the "Temple" area.

Opening and closing sequences were also shot here, on a set representing a Yosemite National Park campsite. Large, topless trees were fabricated for the set, live fire and real animals were used in the production. These were the last scenes to be filmed, in late-December 1988. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (DVD) Special Features)


Promenade set blueprint

Stage 17, Promenade blueprints

For Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the stage housed one massive three-story set representing the interior of Deep Space 9's Promenade, which itself was home to a number of locations including the Replimat, security office, infirmary, and Quark's Bar.

The remaining DS9 interiors were filmed on Paramount Stages 4, 7, and 18.


In 2001 and 2002, Star Trek sets once again occupied Stage 17 for the production of Star Trek Nemesis.

During that production, a network of sets was constructed including interiors for the USS Enterprise-E sickbay, living quarters, a small corridor complex, and engineering. Due to the limited size of Stage 17 compared to those used in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection, engineering had to be scaled down in size and a section of corridor was extended through the stage doors and into the alley outside.

This section of corridor was used in the scene in which Data leaps into space.

The engineering set was also redressed twice: once to represent the science lab in which B-4 is reassembled, the second time for use as stellar cartography.

Star Trek Nemesis was also filmed on Paramount Stages 9, 16, 15, and 32.



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