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Florida patio

The patio as seen in "The Xindi"


The interior as seen in "Demons"

The Paramount Theater is a location at the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles, California, USA which is used as filming location. It is located adjacent to Marathon Park and the Bronson Gate. The building itself includes a huge rotunda lobby, tall white columns and curving staircases and a water fountain backdrop and was built in 1993. [1] [2] This venue is the largest of three theaters on the Paramount lot, the other two being the Gower Theater and the Sherry Lansing Theater. (Information from Larry Nemecek)

On Star Trek, the Paramount Theater and its surrounding area can be seen as a Florida location in a nightmare experienced by Trip Tucker in the Star Trek: Enterprise third season premiere "The Xindi". According to the episode's call sheets, the scenes including Connor Trinneer, Adam Taylor Gordon, and Erin Price were filmed there on Wednesday 2 July 2003. [3](X)

The location was again used for a Star Trek episode when it stood-in as the Assembly Hall of Starfleet Command in the fourth season episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime". [4](X)

The Paramount Theater was also the place where the first screenings for several Star Trek series were held, including the Voyager series premiere "Caretaker" and the Enterprise episodes "Broken Bow" and "Storm Front". [5](X) The Theater became home for various film premieres and was used as filming location on the thriller Clear and Present Danger (1994), where it stood in as the hotel lobby. [6]

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind premiered in L.A. at the Paramount Theatre. [7]

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