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Roof parking

A San Francisco rooftop parking lot.

A parking lot was a designated area of many establishments that were reserved for parking a person's land vehicles. Some such establishments; such as hotels and casinos, employed a parking lot attendant to help drivers locate a parking space, if such aid was needed. (TNG: "The Royale")

In 2153, Charles Tucker III had a dream that he witnessed the death of his sister Elizabeth Tucker, who was killed in Florida by a Xindi weapon. In his dream, she was sitting at a table that appeared to be at an outdoor restaurant, and there was a car parked in the nearby parking lot. (ENT: "The Xindi")

In Riverside, Iowa in an alternate 2255, a number of automobiles were parked in the parking lot of the Shipyard Bar. (Star Trek)

In San Francisco in an alternate 2259, a rooftop parking lot was located on top of at least one building. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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