Legate Parn was a powerful official in the Cardassian Central Command. Parn once visited Terok Nor when it was under Cardassian control during the occupation of Bajor.

Following the kidnapping of Gul Dukat from Deep Space 9 in 2370, Parn traveled aboard a ship to the station to inform Commander Benjamin Sisko that Dukat had been responsible for the illegal shipments of weapons to Cardassian colonists in the Demilitarized Zone.

Parn told Sisko that the Cardassian Union would not mount an attempt to rescue Dukat and would leave him to be executed by the Maquis, instead of doing it themselves. After Major Kira Nerys expressed concerns the Cardassians would use Dukat's death as an excuse to invade the Demilitarized Zone, Parn gave his word they would not. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part II")

Parn was played by actor John Schuck. In the DS9 Companion, Ira Steven Behr notes that John Schuck's casting as Parn was designed to show that not all Cardassians had athletic figures.
His mirror universe counterpart appeared in Rise Like Lions.

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