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The crew teams up with the Klingons!

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Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in DC TOS volume 2 characters.

Regular and recurring characters

Senior staff of the Enterprise-A.

James T. Kirk 
USS Enterprise-A captain. For some reason, Kirk sometimes wore the non-canon fleet captain insignia seen in some reference works.
Vulcan Enterprise-A exec and science officer.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise-A surgeon.
Enterprise-A communications officer.
Pavel Chekov 
Enterprise-A navigator and security chief.
Hikaru Sulu 
Enterprise-A helmsman. Sulu appeared on the cover and in one interior panel but had no dialogue in the comic. For some reason he sat at the navigator station.
Montgomery Scott 
Enterprise-A chief engineer. Scotty appeared on the cover but had no dialogue or appearances in the comic.
Klingon, captain of IKS qul HoH
Klingon commodore, of IKS Qapla.
Sally Gallan 
Needran mining director.
Zot Zandir 
Gallan's assistant.
Tyrion commander.
Tyrion, first lieutenant to Exius.

Other characters

Starfleet captain of USS Lafayette. Anderson wore the non-canon fleet captain insignia seen in some reference works.
Starfleet commander assigned as science officer aboard USS Lafayette. It wasn't clear whether Ms. Myori was a commander or lieutenant commander.
Doctor on McCoy's staff aboard Enterprise who reported the Klingon defense officer's desire to speak with Kirk and Spock.
qul HoH defense officer 
Klingon officer who reported that his station had been sabotaged, and that only himself, a deceased subordinate, or Keydn, could have done so.
Needran leader 
Leader of the people of Needra.
Lafayette helmsman 
Dark-skinned Starfleet officer seated at the helm position on the bridge of Lafayette. This officer wore a deep blue turtleneck collar, indicating some sort of military specialty. He was apparently wounded or killed in the Tyrion attack.
Lafayette navigator 
Starfleet officer who wore a thick red visor while sitting at the navigation post on the Lafayette bridge. The visor was drawn similarly to that of Cyclops of the X-Men comics, whom this man resembled.
Lafayette bridge officer 
Starfleet officer, with a gray turtleneck collar, who announced the alien vessel fire to Captain Anderson, while helping a yellow-skinned medical officer back to his feet.
Yellow-skinned Lafayette medical crewman 
Alien medic stationed on the Lafayette bridge.
Green-skinned Lafayette medical crewman 
Alien medic stationed on the Lafayette bridge, who rushed around with a medikit helping wounded.
Enterprise pilot 
Dark-skinned officer, wearing the uniform of a navigator, who sat at the helm console aboard the Enterprise-A. He appeared to be wearing the insignia of either a commander or lieutenant commander.
Blue-skinned Enterprise crewman 
Alien crewman, wearing a military dark-blue turtleneck collar, stationed on the Enterprise-A bridge.


Capital city of Needra.
Hubble frontier region
USS Lafayette (NCC-7033) 
Federation light cruiser. The Lafayette had a crew of one-hundred, forty-two of whom perished in the Tyrion attack. Although the Lafayette seemed outwardly similar to a Miranda-class vessel, it had a secondary hull structure slung between the warp drive's nacelles.
Planet, home to a mining settlement.
Humanoid inhabitants of Needra.
Needran system 
Star system.
IKS Qapla 
Klingon battlecruiser.
IKS qul HoH 
Klingon light cruiser.
Tyrion vessel.

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