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The past comes back to haunt Dr. McCoy!


While on leave at Starbase 11, McCoy takes the opportunity to visit his daughter, Joanna. He finds Kirk flirting with Joanna while an old enemy watches. Jahn has come for revenge against the grups because Miri is dead. He kidnaps Joanna and forces a confrontation with McCoy, who learns that his vaccine has mutated. The children, the Onlies, are dying again.

Background information

  • Writer Glenn Greenberg noted that this story was ranked as one of the "10 Best Dr. McCoy Stories Ever Written" in Star Trek: Communicator. [1]
  • This story is inspired by a concept from D.C. Fontana.
  • Greenberg noted that he had heard about the script for Fontana's "Joanna" episode (which later became "The Way to Eden") and had wanted to bring Joanna to the Untold Voyages series, as she had been previously used in novels and comics in a manner he found unsatisfying. He chose to make the story a sequel to "Miri". Paramount found the age difference between Kirk and Joanna to be too large for a romantic involvement and suggested Chekov as an alternate choice. Greenberg responded with a long memo defending his choice, noting that "a conflict between McCoy and Chekov just wouldn't have the same emotional resonance as a conflict between McCoy and Kirk. Secondly, Kirk wasn't all that much older than Joanna. Using the Star Trek Chronology book published by Pocket Books, which was officially sanctioned by Paramount and written by people who actually worked on the various Trek TV shows, I proved that there was probably no more than a 16-year age difference between Kirk and Joanna. At the time of my story, Kirk was about 41 years old, which meant Joanna was about 25. Nothing too scandalous about that! And besides, the original "Joanna" episode was going to have them get together, and their characters would have been about six years younger back then!" Paramount approved the story. [2]


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