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Patricia "Pat" Westmore (born 4 June 1926; age 94) is a member of the famous Westmore family of Hollywood makeup artists; she is the aunt of Michael Westmore and Monty Westmore (and wife June), great-aunt of McKenzie Westmore and Michael Westmore, Jr..

She started her Hollywood career in 1955 as an independant hairstylist and viewed her work as more of a hobby than a job. She switched back and forth between working on major films and popular television, with much of her career being unaccredited. Among her work included The Rookie (1959, with Julie Newmar) and The Caretakers (1963, with Susan Oliver) and series such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. She also work together with her nephew Monty on the television show Ozzie & Harriet.

During the late 1960s she worked as the creative hair stylist on the second and third seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series. (Makeup Man: From Rocky to Star Trek, pp. 36, 219)

According to Bjo Trimble, there was an ongoing hostility between Westmore and costume designer William Ware Theiss during their work on Star Trek. Often, when Theiss designed a costume, Westmore designed a hair style which would hide the most intriguing features of it. This was most apparent when Theiss designed the costumes for the "space hippies" in "The Way to Eden", in a way to accomodate his friend, George Barr's body paintings, then Westmore designed their hairstyles to hide these distingtive features. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season Three, p. 552)

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