"I would rather die than pollute my body with Klingon filth."
– Patahk, 2366 ("The Enemy")

Patahk was a male Romulan who served in the Romulan military during the late-24th century.

In 2366, Patahk underwent a covert mission into Federation space on the scout ship Pi. The ship crashed on the planet Galorndon Core and its officers apparently activated their ship's self-destruct sequence soon after and separated.

When an away team from the USS Enterprise-D investigated the crash, Lieutenant Worf discovered Patahk and he was beamed up to the Enterprise. Doctor Beverly Crusher attempted to treat Patahk's injuries; however, she found surgery on Romulans to be more difficult than anticipated, having worked with the assumption that it would be the same as working on a Vulcan. She discovered that because of his exposure to radiation and magnetic fields on the surface of Galorndon Core, his brain waves indicated early neural pathway degeneration. She also discovered that he had cell damage to several vital areas and would require a ribosome infusion. Dr. Crusher discovered that the only compatible match aboard the Enterprise-D was with Worf. Worf refused to donate his cells to a Romulan, and Patahk refused to accept cells from "Klingon filth". Patahk later died from his injuries. (TNG: "The Enemy")

Patahk was played by Steven Rankin. The name is similar to the Klingon insult "petaQ". The name is also used in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game where he is identified as the commander of the Pi.
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