"Frankly, I find her fanaticism... worrying."

Patar was a Vulcan who served as an admiral in Starfleet during the mid-23rd century. She was one of the admirals who ran Section 31, along with an Andorian admiral and a Tellarite admiral. Patar was a logic extremist, to Vice Admiral Katrina Cornwell's concern.

When the red bursts appeared in 2257, Patar began lobbying Starfleet to turn its decision-making entirely to Control, an artificial intelligence that performed threat assessment. Some time later, Patar's codes were used to close off data input access to Control. Cornwell attempted to contact Patar and her fellow admirals, to no avail. (DIS: "Project Daedalus")

Patar and her fellow Section 31 admirals appeared to contact NCIA-93 regarding the escape of Michael Burnham with Spock. Patar ordered that Spock be apprehended as soon as possible, and agreed on Captain Leland's responsibility for the security lapse. She then asked Philippa Georgiou for further suggestions on finding Burnham, and accepted her proposed plan. (DIS: "If Memory Serves")

After USS Discovery recovered Burnham and Spock from Talos IV, Cornwell ordered Captain Christopher Pike to Section 31 Headquarters to arrest Patar and reset Control. When Discovery was threatened by mines surrounding the Headquarters, Patar contacted them to charge Cornwell with treason and claim that the attack had been ordered by Starfleet Command. However, a Discovery boarding party found that the real Patar had died when Control shut down the station's life support system two weeks prior, and that they had been communicating with a hologram. (DIS: "Project Daedalus")

Patar was played by Tara Nicodemo.
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