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From the jacket cover
He has a powerful presence that commands respect, yet he's been called insecure and egotistical. He can be funny, enchanting and warm one minute, and short-tempered and unfriendly the next. He has graciously granted interviews, and stormed off the set of Good Morning America.
He is Patrick Stewart, the Shakespearean actor who rose to superstardom on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now for the first time, here is the intimate, uncensored story of the man behind Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Read about:
  • His violent childhood at the hands of an alcoholic father.
  • The love affair that destroyed his 25-year marriage.
  • The years spent as a critically acclaimed, but struggling Shakespearean actor – and why he took minor, forgettable roles in grade B movies.
  • Behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation where he earned a reputation as a moody, tantrum-throwing prima donna.
  • The role the producers originally wanted him to play.
  • His stormy relationship with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry over the creative development of the Captain Picard character – and his role in Paramount Pictures's subsequent power struggle.
  • The true story of what really went on behind-the-scenes between Stewart and William Shatner on the movie set of Star Trek Generations.
  • How intensive psychological therapy has finally rescued him from "40 years of emotional agony."

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  • Authors' Note and Acknowledgments
  • Prologue: All Good Things…
  • Yesterday's Nightmares, Tomorrow's Dreams
  • From Shakespeare to Star Trek
  • Promotion to Captain
  • Power Struggle
  • A Piece of the Action
  • Dissatisfaction Guaranteed
  • All the World's a Stage
  • New Directions
  • The Fullest Living
  • From First Love to Sex Symbol
  • Action and Romance
  • The Final TV Voyage
  • Generations Gap
  • Finally Out of Uniform
  • Epilogue: Full Circle
  • Notes and Sources