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Patti Tippo is the actress who portrayed Nurse Temple in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "Transfigurations".

She began her career with bit parts in the films 10 to Midnight and The Party Animal, and made her television debut with a guest spot in an episode of Hill Street Blues which also guest-starred future TNG star Brent Spiner. She subsequently appeared on Hunter with Jonathan Banks and Bruce Davison and Sledge Hammer! with Don Stark, Party of Five, Grace Under Fire, and ER with Kirsten Dunst and William Schallert. More recent TV shows include Titus with Ed Begley, Jr., Hamilton Camp, and Robert Joy, Cold Case with Daniel Roebuck, and In Justice with David Clennon. Additionally, she had a recurring role on the short-lived sitcom The Nutt House, starring Gregory Itzin.

Tippo also had small roles in such films as Sid and Nancy (1986, with Biff Yeager and Iggy Pop), Omega Syndrome (1987, with Colm Meaney), Roadside Prophets (1992, with Biff Yeager, J.D. Cullum, Aaron Lustig, Lee Arenberg, and Bill Cobbs), Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1994, also with Biff Yeager), Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995, with Bob Gunton), Barb Wire (1996, with Clint Howard and Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.), Desperate But Not Serious (1999, with John Fleck and Herta Ware), and as John Malkovich's mother in Being John Malkovich (1999). She appeared with both Lee Arenberg and Brian Brophy in three different films: 1990s Brain Dead, 1993's Freaked (also featuring William Sadler and Don Stark), and 1999's Cradle Will Rock (also with Harris Yulin). She also appeared with Arenberg in 1992's Roadside Prophets, along with Bill Cobbs, J.D. Cullum, Aaron Lustig, and Biff Yeager.

More recently, Tippo had guest roles in episodes of Grey's Anatomy (2006, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Mad Men (2008, with Mark Moses, David Doty, and Deborah Lacey) and was featured in the short drama The Convention of Dying (2010) and the comedy Girls!Girls!Girls! (2011).

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