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Paul Comi (11 February 193226 August 2016; age 84) started acting in 1957 and continued until 1995, making about a hundred television guest appearances, about twenty movies, and a number of recurring television roles.

He appeared in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "Balance of Terror" in which he portrayed Lieutenant Stiles. He filmed his scenes between Wednesday 20 July 1966 and Tuesday 26 July 1966 at Desilu Stage 9.

Comi appeared three times in The Twilight Zone: in the famous "People Are Alike All Over" with Susan Oliver, Byron Morrow, and Vic Perrin, in "The Odyssey of Flight 33" with John Anderson, and in "The Parallel" with Morgan Jones and William Sargent.

Comi was also one of several Star Trek guest stars to appear on the 1980s series The Facts of Life, along with William Windom, Kenneth Tigar, Roger Perry, Eve Smith (who appears in the same episode as Comi), Robert DoQui, Clyde Kusatsu, Nicholas Coster, Nehemiah Persoff, Clive Revill, Robert Hooks, and Ian Wolfe. Lead Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Armin Shimerman also made a brief appearance in the show's seventh season premiere episode.

His other television credits include guest roles on series like Gene Roddenberry's The Lieutenant (with Walter Koenig, Paul Lambert, and John Lindesmith), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (with Nehemiah Persoff and Arch Whiting), 12 O'Clock High (with Robert Lansing, Frank Overton, Tige Andrews, James Daly, and William Wellman, Jr.), The Time Tunnel (with James Darren, Lee Meriwether, Whit Bissell, Lawrence Montaigne, Bruce Mars, and Perry Lopez), The Fugitive (with James Doohan, Sarah Marshall, Joseph Campanella, Lloyd Haynes, Arch Whiting, Al Cavens, Shep Houghton, and Monty O'Grady, directed by Alexander Singer), The Wild Wild West (with Jack Perkins, Alan Bergmann, Arlene Martel, Morgan Farley, Judi Sherven, Al Wyatt, and Al Cavens) The Invaders (with Barbara Luna, Diana Muldaur, Stephen Brooks, Morgan Jones, Pete Kellett), The Streets of San Francisco (with Gilbert Green), Dallas (with Susan Howard and Paul Sorensen), Lou Grant, Falcon Crest (with Robert Foxworth), Murder, She Wrote (with Michael Horton and Kate Vernon), Hard Time on Planet Earth (with Lycia Naff and Stephen Liska), and Baywatch.

He also appeared in films such as Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972, with Ricardo Montalban, Lou Wagner, and Monty O'Grady), The Towering Inferno (1974, with Gregory Sierra, Elizabeth Rogers, Dave Armstrong, and Steven Marlo), Death Wish II (1982, with Jill Ireland, Paul Lambert, and Joshua Gallegos), and Howard the Duck (1986, with Paul Guilfoyle, James Lashly, John Fleck, and the voice of Richard Kiley),

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