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Paul Rossilli (born 15 October 1948; age 72) is the actor who played Brigadier Kerla in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Also known as Gastone Rossilli he made his first film debut in Midnight cowboy (1969) with fellow Trek alumni, Georgann Johnson. Rossilli made his film debut as Paul Rossilli in the 1980 comedy Serial, which also featured his Star Trek VI co-star Rosana DeSoto as well as Sally Kellerman and Mark L. Taylor. His only other known feature film credit is 1982's Bayou Romance, starring Michael Ansara and Michael Durrell.

Rossilli also had a role on the soap opera General Hospital and made guest appearances on such television series as Kojak, Street Hawk (in an episode also guest-starring Marc Alaimo), Hotel (starring Michael Spound), Doctor Doctor (starring Matt Frewer), and The Young Riders (starring Anthony Zerbe). His TV movies include Bridge Across Time (1985, with Adrienne Barbeau), Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion (1987, with Christopher McDonald), and Johnny Ryan (1990, with Clancy Brown and Cameron Thor).

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