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Paul Sklar is a stuntman and stunt actor who portrayed MACO Corporal R. Richards in nine episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. In addition he appeared in several other roles and doubled guest actors. Sklar also worked as stand-in and stunt double for Patrick Stewart on two feature films. He received no credit for his television performances. More recently, Sklar worked as stunt double for Peter Weller on Star Trek Into Darkness.

Sklar performed stunts in films such as A Bronx Tale (1993, stunt coordinated by Doug Coleman), Spy Hard (1996, with Michael Berryman, Paul Eliopoulos, Diane Klimaszewski, Elaine Klimaszewski, Clyde Kusatsu, Mark Chadwick, and Maria Kelly), Conspiracy Theory (1997, with Patrick Stewart, Brian J. Williams, Bert Remsen, Christopher Doyle, and Mic Rodgers), Batman & Robin (1997, with John Glover, Alex Daniels, Steve Blalock, Shawn Crowder, Dana Hee, Mark Chadwick, and Spice Williams-Crosby), Godzilla (1998, with Lloyd Kino, Glenn Morshower, Derek Webster, Clyde Kusatsu, Patricia Tallman, James Black, and Scott Workman), The Singing Detectives (2003, with Saul Rubinek, Alfre Woodard, Clyde Kusatsu, and Spice Williams-Crosby), and Domino (2005, with Stanley Kamel, Patrick Kerr, Morgan Nagler, Andy Milder, and Justin Sundquist).

More recently, Sklar performed stunts in the drama There Will Be Blood (2007), the horror thriller I Am Legend (2007, starring Salli Elise Richardson), the action drama Hancock (2008, with Lily Mariye, David Mattey, and Ron Fassler), as a special agent in the superhero movie Iron Man (2008), the comedy Cop House (2009, with rachael Harris and stunts by Eddie Braun), and in the upcoming science fiction thriller Inception (2010, with stunts by Terry Jackson, Theo Kypri, Chrissy Weathersby, Jim Wilkey, and Harry Wowchuk).

He has also appeared in several television series such as NCIS (2003), House M.D. (2005, episode Histories with Leslie Hope), and Desperate Housewives (2007, starring Teri Hatcher).

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