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Paula Crist-Pickett (born 12 May 1947; age 73) is a Star Trek fan who appeared as a background performer, an alien crewmember in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This character was originally supposed to be a bridge crewmember, but that role eventually went to Billy Van Zandt's Rhaandarite character. Crist apparently designed her own alien costume, and gave the character the name Worene. Gene Roddenberry liked the Worene character, and made sure she at least appeared in the final movie by giving her a part in the recreation deck scene.

Crist performed stunts in a number of productions, including Logan's Run, the original Battlestar Galactica and as the baby brontosaurus in Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend.

Crist became a friend of Mark Lenard and his family. After he died of diabetes in 1996, Crist helped the family sort through his possessions. She took special interest in Mark Lenard's Klingon costume. She worked with some costumers at Paramount Studios to restore the uniform to its former glory. She used the costume as a fund raising item for a diabetes fund during SiliCon 2002. See the external link below for the story of how she got the uniform.


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