Georgia peach

T'Pol takes a bite out of a peach

Peach cobbler

Peach cobbler

A peach was a sweet-tasting fruit, grown on a tree known by the same name, that originated on Earth. Starfleet field rations included freeze dried peaches. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters")

In the United States of America, the state of Georgia, was well known for its abundant crops of peaches. Trip Tucker was very fond of Georgia peaches.

Prior to their departure from Earth during the Xindi incident, in 2153, Tucker picked up a crate of Georgia peaches to bring aboard Enterprise, after which Chef kept them in stasis – where they, according to Tucker, "stayed as fresh as the day they were picked."

Tucker later gave T'Pol a bowl of peaches in exchange of her giving him neuro-pressure treatments. At first T'Pol avoided tasting them, stating she didn't usually eat that late, but would finally take a bite of one at Tucker's request. After T'Pol became infected with a mutagenic virus, Tucker was able to retrieve the peach she had bitten out of to help Phlox acquire a sample of her DNA. (ENT: "Extinction")

The food synthesizers aboard the USS Enterprise were capable of producing ice cream with a peach flavor. (TOS: "And the Children Shall Lead")

Peaches are also a primary ingredient in peach cobbler, a favored dessert of Counselor Deanna Troi. (TNG: "Liaisons")

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