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Ensign Peanut Hamper was an exocomp who served in the Federation Starfleet aboard the USS Cerritos in 2380. Her paint job was designed to resemble a Starfleet uniform with the appropriate rank insignia and division coloring.

Eschewing an alphanumeric name because she "didn't want to sound robotic", Peanut Hamper chose her name on the basis of an algorithm to determine a "mathematically perfect name" after a study of all Federation languages. (LD: "No Small Parts") While proficient in medical knowledge and medical procedures, Peanut Hamper was also shown to be fearful, selfish, cruel, manipulative and self-centered.

Career choice[]

Peanut Hamper chose a life path to get away from her father, Kevin, who wanted her to stay with him and their fellow exocomps. She initially planned to become a dabo girl on Freecloud, but when that plan failed, she decided to pursue a career in Starfleet instead. (LD: "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")

Starfleet career[]

She was initially excited to serve aboard the Cerritos. She was assigned a liaison officer in the person of Ensign D'Vana Tendi. Ensigns Peanut Hamper and Tendi served in the ship's medical division. Peanut Hamper initially struggled with tool manipulation, but displayed a strong aptitude for sensitive surgical procedures that impressed Dr. T'Ana.


In spite of this initial success as a new member of the crew, Ensign Peanut Hamper became fearful and selfish when she was asked to undertake a dangerous mission to deploy a computer virus into the systems of a hostile Pakled Clumpship. Peanut Hamper refused to undertake the mission, declared that she had only joined Starfleet to anger her father, and deserted her ship and crew by beaming herself off the Cerritos. She was subsequently stranded in deep space in the debris field left over from the battle. (LD: "No Small Parts", "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")

During her time in the debris field, Peanut Hamper constructed a friend she named Sophia. She was also able to construct what was essentially a nacelle with a seat and scavenged dilithium from the debris field to power a warp field, which she estimated would reach a warp factor of 0.2 or 0.3. When Drookmani scavengers discovered the debris field however, she abandoned Sophia at the last minute, and engaged the nacelle to escape. Her warp speed was very brief, and she ended up crash landing on Areolus.

Life on Areore[]

She was spotted by Kaltorus of the Areore, and he saved her, and promised to restore her. While initially, Peanut Hamper was not enthusiastic about living amidst a pre-warp civilization, as time passed, she grew closer with the villagers and used her medical knowledge to help several villagers. Eventually, she made an impression on the son of Kaltorus, Rawda. The two began a romantic relationship and ultimately decided to become husband and wife.

Before their wing-joining could take place, however, the Drookmani arrived and began scavenging their homes, and she called the Cerritos for help, surprising her former crewmates. She convinced the Areorans that she could disable the Drookmani ship despite the danger. Taking the Drookmani's Shuttlecraft, she boarded their ship and overloaded their engines, destroying it. As Captain Carol Freeman, Lieutenant Shaxs and Tendi were forced to perform first contact with the Areorans, Peanut Hamper told Rawda that she had to leave to rejoin them despite their pleas. Before she could leave, the Drookmani powered up one of the Areorans' ancient ships and began attacking the villagers and the Cerritos. The Drookmani captain then revealed that Peanut Hamper, erroneously named "Peanut Butter", had contacted them to scavenge the ships and would have no resistance, meaning she had engineered the heroics that brought the Cerritos crew here. After mocking Rawda's grief over her duplicity, Tendi tried to persuade Peanut Hamper to save the day again, but she refused and disappeared.

After Rawda rescued his people and the Cerritos, Peanut Hamper reemerged from her hiding spot, claiming that getting him to embrace his heritage was what she wanted to do all along, Rawda exiled her from Areolus for her duplicity.


When she tried to rejoin her former crewmates, Freeman made it clear she wasn't welcome back. In indignation, she threatened to call the Borg to assimilate them and attempted to do so before Tendi and Shaxs shoved her transponder back into her chassis, with Shaxs effectively having to take her into custody to keep her from sending a signal.

She was then sent to the Daystrom Institute on Earth and placed in the Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage where she was met by AGIMUS, who complimented her on her name and suggested the two of them could work together. (LD: "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")

Escape and redemption[]

While Peanut Hamper initially plotted with AGIMUS to fool the parole board, escape, and begin a plan of domination, she eventually realized that she really did feel remorse for betraying everyone. Peanut Hamper began working with her father Kevin on her parole and AGIMUS revealed that he didn't really want to conquer everything, he was just lonely and wanted a friend. While AGIMUS was returned to prison, he intended to rehabilitate himself for real, petition for release and move in with Peanut Hamper. (LD: "A Few Badgeys More")

Peanut Hamper was voiced by Kether Donohue.

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