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Peggy Miley (born 5 July 1941; age 78) is an actress who played Regent Cuzar in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Among her acting resume are films such as The Beat (1988), Twenty Bucks (1993, with Concetta Tomei, Christopher Lloyd, and Matt Frewer), Pie in the Sky (1996, with Wil Wheaton, Dey Young, and Brent Spiner), The Odd Couple II (1998, with Richard Riehle, Ellen Geer, Earl Boen, Daniel Zacapa, Jerry Rector, and Charlie Brewer), Bandits (2001, with John Harrington Bland, Richard Riehle, and Scott Burkholder), and The Irish Vampire Goes West (2007).

Miley has also guest starred in television series such as Murphy Brown (1994, with John Hostetter and William Windom), The Pretender (1997), Frasier (1998, with Kelsey Grammer and Dan Butler), Becker (1998, with Terry Farrell), ER (1999, with Lily Mariye, Cress Williams, and Joseph Ruskin), The Others (2000, with John Billingsley, Stephen Macht, and Bill Cobbs), The Practice (2001, with Bill Smitrovich and Richard McGonagle), Six Feet Under (2003, with James Cromwell, Joanna Cassidy, and Momo Yashima), Monk (2005, with Daniel Roebuck), Lab Rats (2013) and Raven's Home (2017).

Miley has also appeared in several stage plays and television commercials. Recently she served as a SAG Hollywood Board member for the 2007/2008 period.

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