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Peggy Roeder is an actress who played Bajoran midwife Y'Pora in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth season episode "The Begotten".

Roeder has also guest-starred in Wings (with Steven Weber and Matt Roe), Grace Under Fire, Missing Persons, Beverly Hills, 90210, Pride & Joy (with Richard Poe), New York News, ER, LateLine (with Miguel Ferrer, Charles Chun, and Lisa LoCicero), Law and Order (with Philip LeStrange), The Lot (with Jonathan Frakes and John Billingsley), and Prison Break.

Her motion picture credits include Vice Versa, Groundhog Day, Stolen Summer, Road to Perdition, The Lake House (with Christopher Plummer), Stranger Than Fiction, Were the World Mine, Eagle Eye (with Bill Smitrovich, William Sadler, and Deborah Strang), and Baby on Board.

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