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A pen

Revalus pen

Revalus' pen

A pen was a writing instrument used on paper.

In 2154, upon returning to Earth following the Xindi incident, Malcolm Reed used a pen to sign his autograph on a piece of paper for two ladies in a bar. (ENT: "Home")

Mistress Beata of Angel I used a pen. (TNG: "Angel One")

In an alternate timeline, when Melanie asked Jake Sisko why he had stopped writing, he quipped that he had lost his favorite pen and couldn't get any work done without it. He had written Anslem in pen and later wrote a collection of new stories in pen, honoring the request of his father. (DS9: "The Visitor")

Onaya gave a pen used by the writer Revalus to Jake Sisko to write Anslem. (DS9: "The Muse")

Caylem used a pen to write letters to his wife. (VOY: "Resistance")

Chakotay used a pen to write down his memories so he could remember a Ramuran female. (VOY: "Unforgettable")

As described by the final draft script of ENT: "Similitude", a pen was to "zip" across the desk in Captain Archer's ready room, magnetically attracted to a sample of nucleonic particles. In the final version of the episode, though, the pen doesn't appear, instead replaced with a metallic mug.
The pen used by Mistress Beata in "Angel One" was later re-used as Caylem's pen in "Resistance".

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