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Penny Johnson Jerald (born 14 March 1961; age 59) is an actress known to Star Trek fans for her role as Kasidy Yates in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She had previously played Dobara in the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episode "Homeward" in 1993. Her costume from "Homeward" was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

One of Johnson Jerald's early television guest appearances was in an episode of T.J. Hooker, starring William Shatner and her DS9 co-star James Darren. She was a regular cast member on The Larry Sanders Show with Scott Thompson and Wallace Langham as well as during the first three seasons of the popular FOX television series 24, on which she played Sherry Palmer, the duplicitous ex-wife to President of the United States David Palmer.

In 1997, she played a crime-scene technician in Clint Eastwood's thriller Absolute Power, co-starring Mark Margolis and Jerry Hardin's daughter Melora.

She was just one of a few Star Trek stars to appear in DC 9/11: Time of Crisis, where she played Condoleezza Rice. Other Star Trek stars appearing in the film include frequent DS9 guest star Gregory Itzin who played John Ashcroft, Stephen Macht who played Paul Wolfowitz, and Lawrence Pressman who played Dick Cheney. Johnson Jerald also co-starred in the much-lauded 2000 made-for-television docu-drama The Color of Friendship (with Lindsey Haun). She played Condoleeza Rice again in the controversial television movie Path to 9/11 (2006). Johnson Jerald had a recurring role in the fourth season of The 4400, reuniting with DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr and working alongside fellow DS9 actor Jeffrey Combs and TNG guest actor William O. Campbell.

In 2011, Johnson Jerald joined the main cast of Castle in its fourth season as Captain Victoria Gates. She joins fellow DS9 cast mate Michael Dorn, who has a recurring role and appeared with her in the Castle fourth season premiere, and Robert Picardo, who has a recurring role in the show as well.

In 2017, Johnson Jerald joined the main cast of The Orville, a sci-fi comedy series on FOX that has been described as a tribute to Star Trek. She plays the chief medical officer, Claire Finn which was created and starring Seth MacFarlane.

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