Penthor-Mul was a male Acamarian Gatherer and member of Clan Lornak. He was born in the late 23rd century.

In 2313, according to police records, Penthor-Mul was apprehended by the Acamarian Internal Security in Felker City, which preempted a raid on the weapons supply depot in the outpost Tezber. After his arrest, he was charged with terrorism, inciting to riot, and engaging in a blood feud. Mul denied all charges and was held on judicial authority.

According to court records, the charges were filed by Prosecutor Tograf of the Vackrinos District. Due to the severity of the charges, Mul was denied bail and was detained in the high security wing of the Bruno Prison. The defendant requested a change of venue to the Liu Region, but this request was denied by Judge Kikimor. Immediately afterwards, Mul was transferred to the Dylhuc Detention Center. A week later, Prosecutor Dongren began the court trial with opening arguments. Mul died a short time later of what was believed to be at the time a sudden cardiac arrest. The autopsy was inconclusive, and this result was attributed to lack of cardiac activity or insufficient vascular profusion.

It was later revealed that he was infected with a microvirus by Yuta, a member of the rivaling Tralesta clan who was present during his trial, and died of the infection. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")

Penthor-Mul was played by an unknown actor and was only seen on this picture. In the picture, he was third from right. Information on Mul was from the Acamarian planetary database and from dialogue. The script has the name of this character as Penthor-Mul, and the graphics have the name as Penthor Mul. Mul was treated as a last name.
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