In 2375, Doctor Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien lured Section 31 operative Luther Sloan to Deep Space 9 after they learned that Section 31 had designed the morphogenic virus that was killing Odo. They hoped to extract information regarding a cure for the virus using Romulan mind probes, however, Sloan activated a neuro-depolarizing device in an attempted suicide. Bashir and O'Brien then created a neural link to Sloan using a multitronic engrammatic interpreter to create a neural interface, which processed Sloan's memories into images and sounds that the conscious mind could understand. These are people present in the memories of Luther Sloan. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")

The script for "Extreme Measures" notes that the partygoers are all Humans.

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People at gathering Edit

These Human guests were present at a gathering for Luther Sloan as seen in his mind. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")

It might be possible that some of the guests are relatives to Luther Sloan as he named them his "friends and family".

Section 31 operative Edit

Unnamed Section 31 operative

A Section 31 operative

A Section 31 operative representing Section 31's resistance to Bashir and O'Brien shot Bashir and O'Brien while they were inside Sloan's mind, an effect that their minds made real, stopping Bashir from activating the escape mechanism. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")

The Section 31 operative was played by Tom Holleron.

Sloan's children Edit

Sloan's daughter and Sloan's son were part of Sloan's memory. Together with their mother Jessica, and several other guests they attended the gathering held for Sloan. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")

Both actors received no credit for their appearance.
According to Shay Brown's resume, she played the daughter of Sloan.
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