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You might also be looking for the comics series, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Perchance to Dream.

Captain Picard is kidnapped by a mysterious alien race!

Perchance to Dream is a Pocket TNG novel – #19 in the numbered series – written by Howard Weinstein. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in December 1991.

Summary Edit

From the back cover
On a routine mission to survey Domarus IV – a class M world with no intelligent life – a USS Enterpriseshuttle crewed by Data, Troi and Wesley Crusher is captured by a race called the Tenirans who claim the world for themselves. As Captain Picard tries to negotiate with the captain of the Teniran ship, the shuttle suddenly disappears in a blaze of color and light.
Picard demands to know what's happened to the shuttle and its crew, but the Tenarins deny and part in their disappearance. Suddenly Captain Picard vanishes from the bridge and finds himself alone on the planet's surface with the Tenarin captain. As the two captains begin to work together, they realize that they are not alone of Domarus IV as they confront an incredible alien force with the power to transform a world – or to destroy it.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"She takes to caves like a Kavarian horn mole."

- Wesley Crusher and Data, on Gina Pace

"Never underestimate the power of a good cup of tea."

- Jean-Luc Picard

"No; mud."

- Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher, after Picard's unglamorous riding mishap.

Background information Edit

  • The story for Perchance to Dream began life as a spec script; author Howard Weinstein noting that it was based on the studio's request that pitches focus on "interactions between the regular characters, preferably [hellip;] interesting combos that hadn't been explored much before.", hence the combination of Data and Troi. The script was not picked up – although Michael Piller liked it sufficiently to encourage Weinstein to pitch further – so he reworked it into a novel. (Voyages of Imagination, pp. 173-174)

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Characters Edit

Jean-Luc Picard
Deanna Troi
Wesley Crusher
Ken Kolker
Previously appeared in TNG: Power Hungry.
Polly Parks
Gina Pace
Burnside Clapp 

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Domarius IV

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