The Peregrine class was a type of courier ship appropriated by the Maquis, during the early 2370s.

In some cases, the Maquis modified these courier vessels to specifications comparable to an interceptor, including improved engine capability and light armaments. These vessels were commonly used during their insurrection against the Cardassian Union. In 2371, Kira Nerys and Odo pursued a modified Peregrine-class courier into the Badlands after it attacked a Lissepian supply ship near Prophet's Landing. (DS9: "Heart of Stone")

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The designation "Peregrine-class" was only mentioned in "Heart of Stone", where the design was not seen.

The novel Quarantine equates the vessel to the Maquis fighter or the Maquis raider.

Star Trek Online identifies this as the class designation of the Federation attack fighter. The fact that the ship was referred to as a former courier ship modified by the Maquis, would support the association.

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