Ensign Perim was a Trill Starfleet officer, assigned to the USS Enterprise-E in 2375.

In that year, she manned the operations station during Commander Riker's attempt to take the Enterprise out of the area of space known as "the Briar Patch," in order to inform the Federation Council of the reality of Admiral Dougherty's attempts to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku. In that capacity, she participated in the Enterprise's battle against two Son'a ships. (Star Trek: Insurrection)


Background information

Kell Perim was played by actress Stephanie Niznik. Her name was not spoken on screen; rather, her surname was taken from the film's end credits. According to the script, she was introduced as "ENSIGN KELL PERIM, female Trill, 29, at Conn."

She is repeatedly described as holding the conn position in the script, [1] including the scene where Riker takes over the helm. However, in the actual film, she is stationed at the operations position from the beginning, and Riker instead takes the helm from an unnamed ensign. This change from the script was not reflected in official material related to the movie, and subsequent novels that included Perim continued to write the character as the Enterprise's conn officer. La Forge meanwhile was originally scripted to hold the ops position whenever he was on the bridge but instead was shown at the conn, the position he had held at his first appearance in "Encounter at Farpoint".

It was never established on screen whether or not she was a joined Trill. According to the non-canon Star Trek: A Time to... novel series, she is not joined. She had been promoted to Lieutenant in A Time to Be Born, but chooses to resign from Starfleet following the events of A Time to Heal.

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