Crusher's appointments

Dr. Crusher's appointments

The personal appointment log was a weekly scheduler for medical personnel aboard a starship.

Counselor Deanna Troi had a personal appointment log. She would record the time, the patient, and the reason for the appointment in this log. Doctor Beverly Crusher also had a personal appointment log. (TNG: "Imaginary Friend", "The Next Phase")

Monday 09:30 CDR Gabrielle Beaumont 03-74875 Follow Up Session
10:30 CDR Brannon Braga 05 83822 Annual Career Counseling Session
11:30 LT Lazard Ward 25-48848 Follow Up Session in Child Psychology
12:30 LT Elaina Vescio 23-58522 Personal Counselinng Session
Tuesday 10:30 LT Chris McBee 08-72943 Personal Counseling Session
11:30 LT Patricia Miller 04-85951 Follow Up Session
12:30 LT Joy Zapata 09-84830 Personal Counseling Session
Wednesday 11:30 LT June Haymore 05-77939 Annual Career Counseling Session
12:30 LT Gerald Quist 07-56882 Personal Counseling Session

Background information Edit

For its first appearance, the words "WEEK OF STARDATE 45852.1" and "COUNSELOR DEANNA TROI" were in the upper right and lower right of the list, respectively.

The names were changed for the remastered release of "Imaginary Friend", but retained in "The Next Phase".

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