Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

The personal log of Worf contained log entries kept while he served aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


2367 Edit

Joining forces with his brother Kurn. (TNG: "Redemption")

  • "Lieutenant Worf, Personal Log, Stardate 44996.1. I have located the Klingon ship on which my brother, Kurn, serves as captain and have arranged to meet him."

2368 Edit

After taking custody of his son

  • "Lieutenant Worf, Personal Log, Stardate 45376.8. Alexander has acted shamefully and as his father I must now deal with him. But I find that I would rather fight ten Balduk warriors than face one small child." (TNG: "New Ground")

2370 Edit

Worf, personal log playback

The personal log of an alternate Lt. Worf

On Stardate 47391.2, three different personal logs were recorded by Worf in three different quantum realities. The first of the following entries was apparently logged in the "normal" timeline. The first two of these logs were recorded aboard the shuttlecraft Curie, the third aboard the Enterprise.

  • "Personal Log, Stardate 47391.2. I am returning from the Bat'leth competition on Forcas III. The conditions were difficult. Several contenders were maimed. One of the contenders used an illegal T'Gha maneuver on me. The judges chose to ignore it, and I was robbed of my rightful standing. I was awarded "Ninth Place". I am looking forward to resuming my duties aboard the Enterprise..."
  • "Personal Log, Stardate 47391.2. There has been a malfunction in the main deflector. It will require two more days of repairs. As a result, I will not be able to compete in the Bat'leth tournament on Forcas III. I have asked my brother to take my place. He does not have my prowess with the blade, but..." (TNG: "Parallels")
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