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Pete Henderson is an actor who appeared as a command division Starfleet officer at the wedding of Deanna Troi and William T. Riker in Star Trek Nemesis. He also appeared as a Fortunate crewmember in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Fortunate Son". He received no credit but was identified by the call sheets.

Henderson attended El Dorado High School in Placentia, California and Fullerton College in Fullerton, California. He has been a member of SAG-AFTRA.

As a background actor and stand-in, Henderson worked on all seasons of Major Crimes (2012-2018, created by James Duff and starring Raymond Cruz and Jonathan Del Arco). He also worked on House M.D. (2004-2012), The Closer (2005-2012), and Castle (2009-2016) and appeared in a background scene in the comic adaptation Iron Man (2008, with Faran Tahir, Bill Smitrovich, Tom Morello, Kevin Foster, Eileen Weisinger, Tim Rigby, Adam Harrington, Stan Lee, Tim Griffin, Jon Braver, Glenn Goldstein, Theo Kypri, and Arne Starr).

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