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Pete Leinbach is a former actor and singer who appeared as a command division officer in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. As a background actor he received no credit for his appearances. In addition, Leinbach also worked as stand-in and photo double for actor Robert Duncan McNeill.

Besides his work on Star Trek, Leinbach appeared in the television drama She Cried No (1996, with Nikki Cox, Lawrence Pressman, Kris Iyer, and Crystal LaPrie) and in the Baywatch episode "Chance of a Lifetime" (1997). [1] In 2000 he released his solo musical debut, the album "That Swagger, That Thing!". [2] He previously was bassist in several bands in the Boston, New York and Los Angeles area.

Today, Leinbach has been working as digital marketing director for Lair West Media, digital marketing consultant for Threshold Technologies, and director of marketing for DiPietro Family Law Group in Washington DC and the surrounding area. [3] [4]

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