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Peter Mark Richman (born 16 April 1927; age 93) played Ralph Offenhouse in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "The Neutral Zone".

Richman was no stranger to science fiction, appearing in two episodes of The Outer Limits, the Season One episode "The Borderland" and the Season Two episode (and series finale) "The Probe" (with Janos Prohaska), as well as The Twilight Zone episode "The Fear".

He has appeared in motion pictures such as The Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell of Fear (1991, with Tim O'Connor and John Fleck), the comedy Dempsey (1983, with Sally Kellerman, Estee Chandler, Robert Harper, John McLiam, Mark L. Taylor, and Jimmy Nickerson), and Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989). He costarred with Barbara Bouchet in Agent for H.A.R.M., a 1966 spy flick directed by Gerd Oswald, and with Ken Lynch in the Battlestar Galactica spinoff Galactica 1980. He also has more than one hundred television guest spots to his credit spanning five decades, including Chrissy Snow's father, a reverend, on Three's Company in a recurring role. In 1993, Richman played Laurence Carson on Beverly Hills 90210, with Claudette Nevins as his wife.

He voiced the old version of Peter Parker and additional voices in the 1990s animated series of Spider-Man.

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