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Peter Sternlicht is a visual effects editor, compositor, and supervisor who worked as visual effects editor on the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "A Matter of Time" in 1991. This work earned him an Emmy Award the following year in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement in Special Visual Effects which he shared with Dan Curry, Ronald B. Moore, David Takemura, Erik Nash, Don Lee, Adam Howard, Syd Dutton, and Robert Stromberg.

Sternlicht worked as visual effects artist on the television series The Twilight Zone (1985-1986, with Rich Thorne). The following years he worked as visual effects compositor for The Post Group on the thriller Blink (1994, with Don Lee and C. Marie Davis), the comic adaptation Tank Girl (1995), the fantasy sequel Batman Forever (1995), the fantasy comedy A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995), the horror film From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), the action thriller Broken Arrow (1996), and the science fiction blockbuster Independence Day (1996).

Following work as digital effects supervisor for Rainmaker Digital Pictures on the comedy Mr. Magoo (1997), the science fiction drama Armageddon (1998), the drama Mumford (1999), and the television drama Last Call (2002), Sternlicht worked as compositor for Pixomondo on the television series Outsourced (2011, with Arthur J. Codron and Mark S. Miller), Hawaii Five-0 (2011, with Mitch Suskin), and Terra Nova (2011, with Eric Chauvin and Rob Bonchune).

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