The photonic insurgency was a rebellion of photonics against the Lokirrim. The Lokirrim had used photonics as servitors in their society; many believed that the photonics had been treated well and felt betrayed by their insurrection. The photonic insurgents used a viral weapon against the Lokirrim, while the Lokirrim used photonic disruptors that could decompile photonics at a distance.

By 2377, the Lokirrim had a policy of reacting with hostility to any holographic activity within their space. This led a Lokirrim patrol ship to attack the Delta Flyer when they detected The Doctor aboard, and a Lokirrim warship to attack USS Voyager when they detected the use of the holodeck. (VOY: "Body and Soul")

The conflicts was not given a formal name in the episode, only being called "the insurgency", once. The term "photonic insurgent" was repeatedly used however.
The insurgency might have some link to Iden's Rebellion, as some of his compatriots were created by the Lokirrim.


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