The following is a list of holographic characters who appeared in The Doctor's holonovel Photons Be Free.

Named Edit

  • The narrator, based on The Doctor, was seen in the introduction and epilogue, and also provides a voice over for each chapter stating the title.
  • The protagonist was an EMH played by the person running the program.
  • Captain Jenkins, based on Kathryn Janeway, was a warlike, highly unethical, coldblooded killer.
  • Katanay, based on Chakotay, was a Bajoran thug with a ponytail, tattoo of a Bajoran dragon on the left side of his face, and the traditional earring.
  • Torrey, based on B'Elanna Torres, was the temperamental Human chief engineer.
  • Lieutenant Marseilles, based on Tom Paris, was the married self-indulgent, immature helmsman who sported a mustache.
  • Mr. Tulak, based on Tuvok, was a Human with a goatee and shades of gray in his hair.
  • Kymble, based on Harry Kim, was a Trill hypochondriac.
  • Three of Eight, based on Seven of Nine, was a Human freed from the Borg Collective, and was the only one who sympathized with the protagonist – all the other characters treated him with cruelty and disrespect, considering him a tool with no rights. Her implants differed from Seven's. She appeared tired and weary, perhaps being subjected to similar treatment.

Unnamed Edit

Command officer 2 Edit

Photons be free female command division officer

A command division officer

This female command division officer was treating the wounded crewmembers in sickbay when Tom Paris acted as the protagonist in The Doctor's holonovel. (VOY: "Author, Author")

This command division officer was played by Jeri Ryan's stand-in Brita Nowak who received no credit for this appearance.
According to the call sheet, Nowak filmed her scene on Friday 26 January 2001 on Paramount Stage 9.

Marseilles' dates Edit

These two crewmembers entered sickbay to receive their medical check-ups while B'Elanna Torres acted as the protagonist in the holonovel. When the first woman entered, Torres was sent to engineering by Marseilles but was sent back by Torrey. When she entered the dark sickbay, she found Marseilles with this crewmember on the biobed.

The second woman then entered sickbay for her medical examination and Torres realized that Marseilles used these examinations for dates with female crewmembers. (VOY: "Author, Author")

The first crewmember was played by Jennifer Hammon who is listed as "Female N.D." in the end credits while the second woman was played by Heather Young and is listed as "Sickbay N.D." in the end credits.

Operations officer 1 Edit

Brock Burnett, Author Author

An operations division officer

This operations division officer was in sickbay when several crewmembers were injured and Tom Paris, acting as the novel's lead character, treated the wounded. (VOY: "Author, Author")

This Starfleet officer was played by Brock Burnett who was credited as "Male N.D." in the end credits of the episode.

Operations officer 3 Edit

Officer killed by Jenkins

The officer being shot by Jenkins

This operations division officer was in sickbay lying on a biobed. When the protagonist wanted to treat this officer instead of Marseilles, Jenkins shot the officer in the chest with her phaser. (VOY: "Author, Author")

This holographic crewmember was played by regular background actor Pablo Soriano who received no credit for his appearance.
Soriano appeared as an operations division officer in several other episodes.

Operations officer 4 Edit

This Vortex officer was guarding Three of Eight in sickbay when the protagonist's holomatrix was destroyed by Jenkins. VOY: "Author, Author"

He was played by Richard Bishop. This might be his operations division officer counterpart who was seen in most of the episodes.

Altered version Edit

  • The narrator, now based on Paris, gave a tongue-in-cheek introduction based on the original.
  • The protagonist was the chief medical officer's medical assistant.
  • The CMO is egotistical, unethical, and obnoxious, with a bad comb-over and more concern for his extracurricular activities, like golfing, than his patients. Later, Paris mused that The Doctor was not the doctor shown in the holonovel, insisting that this doctor "had more hair", a reference to the superficial differences between The Doctor's characters and their Voyager counterparts.
  • Two of Three, similar to Three of Eight, was part of a set of triplets which also included the unseen One of Three and a third sister, unnamed. She was quite demure and submissive in her attitude.
If the unnamed triplet's name followed the same pattern, her name would be "Three of Three".
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