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Illusory picnic created by the Talosians for Pike and Vina

A picnic was a meal eaten outdoors in a park-like setting, usually on a blanket on the ground.

One of the Talosians' illusions created in 2254 for Christopher Pike and Vina involved a picnic outside Pike's hometown of Mojave. (TOS: "The Cage")

In 2269, a picnic was held on the Shore Leave Planet. Chocolate cake, oranges and bananas were served. Guests included Hikaru Sulu, Leonard McCoy, the White Rabbit, Alice, and a two-headed dragon. (TAS: "Once Upon a Planet")

In 2368, when Miles O'Brien beamed down to a storm-pocked moon with a pattern enhancer, he jokingly described it as a "nice spot for a picnic." (TNG: "Power Play")

In 2369 Lwaxana Troi organized a picnic for Odo and herself in a holosuite of Quark's at the location of Andevian II's fourth moon at dawn. When Odo refused she proposed that one of Quark's minions could bring the picnic basket to upper pylon three. (DS9: "The Forsaken")

A popular holodeck program on Deep Space 9 was called A Picnic with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx. (DS9: "The Homecoming")

Miles O'Brien, and his family went on a picnic to Golana in 2374 with his wife Keiko and daughter Molly O'Brien. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

When Tom Paris was imprisoned by the Akritirians, he had a fevered dream which involved a picnic with Megan Delaney. (VOY: "The Chute")

In 2376, Captain Kathryn Janeway had a picnic with the holographic character Michael Sullivan in the holographic program known as Paris 042, "Fair Haven." (VOY: "Fair Haven")

Sevens picnic

A picnic in the cargo bay

In 2378, Seven of Nine was researching Human dating rituals to find an appropriate idea for her and Chakotay's third date. Neelix suggested she throw him a picnic, which she did in cargo bay 2. Chakotay told her she didn't need to go through so much trouble, but when she offered to find something less extravagant, he simply described it as "perfection." (VOY: "Endgame")

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