Rokeg blood pie

A Rokeg blood pie

For the Greek letter, please see Pi.
"Pies, pies, Some are meat, some are sweet."
– The pie vendor's sales pitch, 2365 ("Elementary, Dear Data")

Pie was a type of food. Certain varieties were eaten as a dessert, and were composed of a fruit or other sweet filling baked inside a flaky pastry crust. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice"; VOY: "Inside Man") Other varieties contained savory fillings, such as meat. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

Homemade pies were among the offerings in Eva's Kitchen, a 20th century Earth restaurant. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

In 2270, Montgomery Scott's threat to report Arex and M'Ress' suspected misbehavior was interrupted when the food synthesizer threw a pie in his face. (TAS: "The Practical Joker")

In a 2365 round of the Sherlock Holmes Program 3A, a pie vendor hawked his wares. (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data")

Neelix thought about making a delicious pie with waterplums, shortly before Talli was murdered. (VOY: "Random Thoughts")

In an ultimately unused line of dialogue from the final draft script of TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I", Commodore Mendez, appalled at the leniency of confining Spock to his quarters aboard the USS Enterprise after he had committed mutiny and commandeered the starship, sarcastically asked if Spock was also being served pie and ice cream.
A prop ration pack, seen in Star Trek: Enterprise, was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and had the taste of apple pie. [1]

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