Pinar was a deputy in the Bajoran Militia assigned to Deep Space 9.

When a feral Molly O'Brien returned from a time portal on the planet Golana in 2374, he was on duty while the girl was held in the station's brig. He deactivated the cell's force field to prevent Molly from harming herself by repeatedly running up against it and suffering electrical shock as a result.

Pinar was knocked out by Miles O'Brien with a shot from a hypo so he could he break his daughter out of her cell and return her to Golana, where he thought she might be happier.

After the O'Briens were caught trying to steal a runabout, Odo instructed Lieutenant Jones to find out if Pinar had regained consciousness because he was going to need to get a statement from him. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

Pinar was played by Shaun Bieniek.

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