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[[File:Blackjack.jpg|thumb|Playing cards]]
A '''playing card''' is a type of card that is marked with symbols that belongs to a deck and is used in playing various games.
[[File:Nog and Jake playing cards.jpg|thumb|Nog and Jake playing a card game]]
[[File:Double jack.jpg|thumb|Circular playing cards]]
[[File:Queen (card).jpg|thumb|Queen of Hearts]]
A '''playing card''' was a type of card that was marked with symbols that belonged to a '''deck'''. A variety of [[card game]]s could be placed with them. There were fifty-two cards to a standard deck. Cards bearing the face of a figure were known as '''picture cards'''.
While typically rectangular, playing cards might also come in a circular shape. ({{TOS|Mudd's Women}}; {{TNG|The Measure Of A Man|The Price}}; {{VOY|State of Flux}})
==Card games==
*[[Double jack]]
*[[Go fish]]
{{bginfo|In the final draft script of "Mudd's Women", circular cards that appear in that entry were described as "an odd-sized deck of cards."}}
==See also==
*[[Baseball card]]
[[File:Queen of Hearts.jpg|thumb|Playing card knights]]
Fictional [[knight]]s based on playing cards existed in the [[Earth]] classic [[Alice Through the Looking Glass]]. ({{TAS|Once Upon a Planet}})
[[Jake Sisko]] and [[Nog]] played a card game in [[2369]] while Nog was listening to a conversation between his [[uncle]] [[Quark]] and the [[waiter]] [[Broik]] in [[Quark's]]. ({{DS9|Progress}})
In [[2376]], when [[Harry Kim]] was navigating through a [[Borg cube]], he used playing cards to mark his path, in case he had to come back the same way. He placed a three of hearts on a [[transwarp conduit]] and a nine of diamonds on a [[data node]]. [[Mezoti]], found one of the cards, a [[queen of hearts]], and returned to him. ({{VOY|Collective}})
== Cards ==
* [[Deuce]]
* {{dis|Jack|card}}
* {{dis|King|card}}
* {{dis|Queen|card}}
* {{dis|Ace|card}}
{{bginfo|The term "[[trump card]]" has been used in behind-the-scenes sources, but not in [[canon]].}}
== Card games ==
* [[Baccarat]]
* [[Blackjack]]
* {{dis|Bridge|game}}
* [[Canasta]]
* [[Cardassian pinochle]]
* [[Double-jack]]
* [[Five-card stud]]
* [[Gin rummy]]
* [[Go Fish]]
* [[Fizzbin]]
* [[Pinochle]]
* [[Poker]]
* [[Rummy]]
* [[Seven-card stud]]
* [[Solitaire]]
* [[Tongo]]
== See also ==
* [[Baseball card]]
* [[Casino]]
== External link ==
* {{wikipedia}}
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