Pleggs remains

Plegg's fake remains.

"He took a computer chip and turned it into the modular holosuite industry, bringing holographic entertainment to the most remote parts of the Alpha Quadrant, creating profit centers from societies that could barely afford to feed their own people""
– Quark, 2370 ("The Alternate")

Plegg was a great Ferengi orator and entrepreneur.

In 2370, Quark attempted to sell the desiccation discs of Plegg aboard Deep Space 9 for three strips of latinum to a Ferengi customer. Odo approached Quark, feigning interest in purchasing a disc. When Odo questioned the authenticity of the discs, Quark pointed out the Ferengi Seal of Dismemberment, which described the contents as the remains of Plegg.

Odo then revealed to Quark that those remains were not those of Plegg, and that, in fact, Plegg was still quite alive and currently residing on Khosla II. When Odo contacted Plegg about Quark's scheme, Plegg found it quite amusing.

Quark then claimed that he was the victim, and that the five thousand discs of Plegg he had in his storeroom were bought in good faith. Once the question arose regarding who the remains belonged to, Quark demanded an investigation, which was promised to him. (DS9: "The Alternate")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
According to the script, his name was pronounced as "PLEHGG". [1]
Most other instances of desiccation discs limit the total number to 52, not nearly as high as 5,000. However, it is possible that the amount of "Plegg" per disc was less than the usual number so that more discs could be offered. This, in turn, could partially explain the much lower price than that asked for the discs of Zek, though undoubtedly the difference in importance of the two individuals plays a part as well.
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