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Referenced in the writers' first draft script of the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Dear Doctor", poag was a Denobulan food. The script described it as a "beige, spongy loaf."

As described in the script, Phlox and Cutler were to have been shown sharing a plate of poag (along with a plate of moussaka) in the mess hall on Enterprise NX-01, with a voiceover from Phlox establishing that he had convinced Cutler to taste the poag. In the same voiceover, Phlox highly recommended to Doctor Lucas that he try poag if he hadn't already. However, the script implied that Cutler certainly didn't enjoy tasting the food; while Phlox eagerly waited to see how she would react, Cutler took a bite of the poag, then discreetly covered her mouth with her hand, motioned to excuse herself, and hurriedly walked out of the mess hall.

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