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This is a list of characters who have recurring appearances or mentions in the Star Trek: The Original Series series of novels.

This article lists non-canon information. Additions to the brief character definitions listed here should include only a list of appearances and a short definition of their status as of their last appearance in this series. Other non-canon appearances will not be listed here. If you want to read about their canon information, their names will be hyperlinked to their main article. The specifics of non-canon characters' appearances should be listed in the character section of each audio production, novel, comic book, or game in which they played a role.

Regular charactersEdit

Star Trek TOS cast

Enterprise senior staff

James T. Kirk 
USS Enterprise's CO, a Starfleet captain. After a promotion to rear admiral, Kirk served as the Chief of Starfleet Operations before returning to captain's rank as CO of USS Enterprise-A until his retirement.
Half-Vulcan Enterprise XO and science officer, a Starfleet commander.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise CMO, a Starfleet doctor with the rank of lieutenant commander.
Montgomery Scott 
Enterprise chief engineer.
Hikaru Sulu 
Enterprise helmsman.
Nyota Uhura 
Enterprise communications officer.
Pavel Chekov 
Enterprise navigator.
Christine Chapel 
Starfleet nurse assigned to the Enterprise.
Janice Rand 
Yeoman assigned to the Enterprise.

Recurring charactersEdit

Merete AndrusTaurus 
Starfleet doctor of the Palkeo Est species assigned to USS Enterprise. Merete became an ally to Piper during the "dreadnought" crisis and was detailed to Piper's command aboard SS Banana Republic. (Dreadnought! and Battlestations!)
Sulmid Starfleet lieutenant.
Ael i-Mhiessan t'Rllallieu 
Romulan, originally a traitor to the Romulan Star Empire, she and her crew on her starship Bloodwing became the indirect leaders of a revolution that completely changed the government of Romulus. She became the first Romulan Empress.
Samuel Boma 
Former Starfleet scientist. (Dreadnought! and Battlestations!)
Lori Ciana (see unnamed Enterprise personnel)
(The Motion Picture, A Flag Full of Stars, and Recovery)
Daniel Corrigan 
(The IDIC Epidemic and The Vulcan Academy Murders)
Lee Kelso
Janice Kerasus 
Enterprise linguist
George Kirk
(Final Frontier and Best Destiny)
Winona Kirk
Child/creation of K't'lk. (Reappears in Spock's World, Swordhunt, Honor Blade, and The Empty Chair
Starfleet lieutenant, beta shift communications officer subordinate to Uhura.
Gary Mitchell
Doctor M'Benga
(The IDIC Epidemic and The Vulcan Academy Murders)
Heihachiro Nogura
Number One
Christopher Pike
(Dreadnought! and Battlestations!)
Judd "Scanner" Sandage
(Dreadnought! and Battlestations!)
(Dreadnought! and Battlestations!)
(The IDIC Epidemic and The Vulcan Academy Murders)
(The IDIC Epidemic and The Vulcan Academy Murders)
Harb Tanzer 
Chief of recreation aboard the Enterprise.
Ingrit Tomson
José Tyler

Other charactersEdit

Some characters appear in only one novel, but have also been mentioned or seen in canon. Other characters who are only in one novel appear in other non-canon publications. (See: list of non-canon characters)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
Unnamed Federation president
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