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Port of San Francisco bar interior

Scotty and Keenser having some drinks

The Port of San Francisco bar was an establishment near the San Francisco Ferry Building, a historical landmark located in the city of San Francisco on Earth. This bar, which was located on a pier, was visited by Montgomery Scott and Keenser in 2259 after the two of them had resigned from the USS Enterprise. Budweiser beer was one of the beverages available.

Captain James T. Kirk contacted Scott at this location after receiving a set of coordinates near Earth from John Harrison which he wanted Scotty to investigate. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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The name of this bar comes from a red neon sign, which was fastened onto the Ferry Building, that was visible to patrons visiting the bar that read, Port of San Francisco. Using visual cues from the movie, the bar was located on Pier 1, whose location in relation to the Ferry Building can be seen in this map. [1]

The bar scene was shot at Doheny Mansion; in-between takes, Simon Pegg and Deep Roy recreated the ending of There Will Be Blood, which was filmed in the same room as the bar. [2]

To represent the outside of this bar's entrance in Star Trek Into Darkness, Production Designer Scott Chambliss improvised a set using an interior sound stage door with set dressing. (Cinefex, No. 134, p. 82)

The song playing in the bar varied, depending on where the audience member saw the movie. Although the instrumentation was the same, the lyrics were different, with J.J. Abrams and Charles Scott listed as writers for all six songs.

These songs were included as bonus tracks on the Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack; however, no version of the soundtrack had all five songs. The Mexican version of this song had a music video. [3] [4] [5]

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