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A portable transwarp beaming device

A portable transwarp beaming device was a type of portable transporter designed to utilize the transwarp beaming equation. (Star Trek Into Darkness)


In 2259, Khan Noonien Singh acquired the transwarp equation from Section 31. He utilized the equation devised by Montgomery Scott on an unauthorized portable transwarp beaming device to flee from his attack on Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. The device had several markings including D-24 on a button, VLC 2315.DS on the casing and SCI-2308.961 - EXP63B next to a display screen.

Khan utilized the device to perform a long-range site-to-site transport all the way from the cockpit of the stolen jumpship 208 on Earth to Ketha Province on Qo'noS, the capital planet of the Klingon Empire and homeworld of the Klingons. The device was recovered from the crashed wreckage of the jumpship by Scott. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

According to the novelization of Star Trek Into Darkness, the portable transwarp beaming device on the jumpship only had enough power to beam Khan to an automated cargo station in Earth's orbit. From there, he beamed to an unmanned vessel in orbit of Luna equipped with another transwarp device wired into the empty ship’s engine. It was this device Khan used to beam to Qo'noS.
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