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Recent events
The Star Trek Stage
1 May 2024
Pinewood Toronto Studios has renamed Stage 8 "The Star Trek Stage" in honor of Star Trek: Discovery. [1]
USS Enterprise three foot model three-quarter ventral view
18 April 2024
The long-lost three-foot (91 centimeters) Constitution-class model, the very first studio model in Star Trek history, has been returned to the Roddenberry family after it had unexpectedly turned up at auction in October 2023. [2]
Lower Decks head
12 April 2024
The fan-favorite Star Trek: Lower Decks series will be cancelled after its fifth season. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on the other hand, is renewed for a fourth season. [3]
Upcoming productions
PRO head
1 July 2024
All twenty episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 debut on Netflix. [4]
Starfleet Academy teaser logo
11 June 2024
Paul Giamatti has been cast as the Season 1 villain in Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. [5]
Star Trek SNW logo
24 May 2024
Production on the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 wrapped. [6]
Star Trek Universe
9 May 2024
The Peabody Awards have presented Star Trek with an Institutional Award for the franchise's contributions to society. [7]
PIC head
5 February 2024
Star Trek: Picard won 4 Saturn Awards, including "Best Science Fiction Television Series", "Best Actor in a Television Series" (Patrick Stewart), "Best Supporting Actor in Television Series" (Jonathan Frakes), and "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series" (Jeri Ryan). Paul Wesley won "Best Guest Star in a Television Series" for his appearances on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, while the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation won a "Lifetime Achievement Award". [8]
PRO head
3 November 2023
Star Trek: Prodigy was nominated for a Children's and Family Emmy Award in the category of "Sound Mixing and Sound Editing For An Animated Program". [9]
Memory Alpha news
TTF 0x00
31 May 2024
The Trek Files officially announced its partnership with Memory Alpha. [10]
ML logo
27 May 2024
User:Renegade54 create Memory Alpha's 57,000th article: "Children Of Time" (podcast), an episode of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. [11]
Starfleet Command insignia, 2400s
22 May 2024
User:Mr. Starfleet Command joined Memory Alpha's team of administrators after a successful nomination. [12]
Kieran MacDuff
31 May 2024
Erich Anderson, who played "Kieran MacDuff" in TNG: "Conundrum". [13]
28 April 2024
Alan Scarfe, who appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation (as Mendak and Tokath) and Star Trek: Voyager (as Augris) [14]
John G. Trimble
19 April 2024
John G. Trimble, husband of Bjo, businessman, and member of Star Trek fandom noted for assisting with the letter writing campaign which kept Star Trek: The Original Series on the air for a third season. [15] [16]

Featured article

Enterprise (NX-01) leaving drydock

Enterprise is launched

"Broken Bow": A young Jonathan Archer paints a model of his father's spacecraft in San Francisco and recites a quote from a speech by Zefram Cochrane. Jonathan curiously asks about his father's ship, wondering if it will be bigger than Ambassador Soval's ship. Although Henry Archer does not fully understand the reasons behind the Vulcans' constraint of Human space flight, he believes that there must be an explanation.

Thirty years later, the wreckage of a crashed Klingon K'toch-class scoutship lies in a cornfield in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Klaang, the Klingon pilot of the craft, desperately flees from two pursuing aliens. The commotion attracts the attention of a farmer. Although Klaang eventually manages to kill the aliens, he is shot by Moore's plasma rifle.

Aboard an inspection pod, Jonathan Archer, now a captain in Starfleet, and Commander Charles Tucker inspect the prototype NX-class starship Enterprise in a spacedock orbiting Earth. After being called back to Starfleet Medical, Archer attends a meeting where the fate of Klaang is discussed with several Vulcan dignitaries. It is decided that Enterprise will launch ahead of schedule on a mission to return Klaang to the Klingons' homeworld, Qo'noS.

Picture of the Day

Worf smashes Geordi's mandolin

An annoyed Worf lets Geordi La Forge know that he is not a merry man.

An annoyed Worf lets Geordi La Forge know that he is not a merry man.
(TNG: "Qpid")
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