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14 March 2019
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home guest actor Joe Knowland has passed away at the age of 88.
13 March 2019
Evan Evagora has been cast as a series regular for the untitled Picard series. [1]
4 March 2019
Santiago Cabrera and Michelle Hurd have joined the cast of the untitled Picard series. [2]
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USS Enterprise-D saucer separation

Saucer separation on a Galaxy-class starship

Saucer separation was an emergency maneuver performed on some Federation starships involving the complete disconnection of the primary hull and the secondary hull. During the 23rd century, separation was a one-time only event used only in a catastrophic emergency; the two sections could not reconnect easily following a separation.

In the 24th century, some starship classes were designed to routinely separate into one or more components. The procedure itself became more common and tactical, as well as emergency, uses became standard procedure. By this period, separation technology had advanced sufficiently to be performed at warp speeds. The procedure was extremely risky, with no margin for error; partially due to this, a high-warp separation was never attempted prior to 2364.
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Bashir meets Data

Commander Data, I presume? Doctor Julian Bashir and Data meet in 2369.

Commander Data, I presume? Doctor Julian Bashir and Data meet in 2369.
(TNG: "Birthright, Part I")

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