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23 July
The official title for the second upcoming animated series was revealed as Star Trek: Prodigy, which will air on Nickelodeon in 2021. [1] [2]
22 July
The titles for the first four episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks, premiering on 6 August 2020 on CBS All Access, were revealed. They are "Second Contact", "Envoys", "Temporal Edict", and "Moist Vessel". [3]
14 July
Actress Galyn Görg, who portrayed Korena in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Visitor" and Nori in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Warlord", died on 14 July, following a battle with cancer. [4]
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Zim Brott and his children

The Brott family

The Bolians were a humanoid species who were native to the Federation planet Bolarus IX.

Bolians were distinctively known for a bifurcating (cartilaginous) ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face, and partway down the chest. Skin color ranged from light green-blue to blue-gray to vivid blue and was occasionally accented with dark blue bands on the head.

Bolian males were completely bald, were on average as tall as the average Human male, and were not known for their physical prowess. Male Bolians have been known to wear toupées on occasion. Bolian females were predominantly bald. However, there were the occasional few who had hair.

In addition to the ridge on their heads, they were also noted for having cartilaginous lining on their tongues that allowed them to consume foods not normally palatable by other races, including strong acids. One such example of traditional Bolian cuisine was the consumption of meat that had been allowed to partially decay.
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