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Alien entities infect the minds of Picard and his crew!

Possession is a Pocket TNG novel – #40 in the numbered series – written by J.M. Dillard and Kathleen O'Malley. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in May 1996.


From the book jacket
Eighty years ago, bodiless entities brought a plague of violence and bloodshed to the planet Vulcan. The nightmare only ended when the entities were trapped inside special containers.
Now, on the eve of a galaxy-scale scientific exposition, the containers have been opened, freeing the malevolent entities to possess the minds and bodies of all they encounter, including the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Friends turn into foes, and no one can be trusted, as Captain Picard faces a deadly and insidious threat. Unless the entities can be stopped once more, they will spread their madness throughout the entire Federation.

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Jean-Luc Picard
Alexander Rozhenko
Alyssa Ogawa

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