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"If we don't get more power to the warp drive, we're all going to have to get out and push."
– Tom Paris, 2371 ("Parallax")

Power was a term used in physics to describe the amount of energy required or expended per a given unit of time. The power aboard a starship was also known as energy reserves. (TNG: "Booby Trap"; VOY: "The Cloud") Its source was called a power source.

Power aboard starships could be re-routed from one system to another. In August 2151, the power from the internal sensors was re-routed to the weapons system aboard the ECS Fortunate. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

During the early 2250s, Constitution-class heavy cruisers were armed with a complement of directed energy weapons, that possessed enough power to destroy half a continent in a concentrated bombardment. (TOS: "The Cage")

Aboard the USS Enterprise in 2267, Earth probe Nomad increased engine efficiency by fifty-seven percent but this would destroy the ship if not stopped as its structure could not handle the stress of that much power. (TOS: "The Changeling")

A starship can be identified on sensors by its power utilization curve, as a vessel utilizing 100% power has the ability to skew sensor readings. (TOS: "Journey to Babel")

It was discovered that the use of power disturbed the dimensional structure of universes that co-existed with one another – the use of too much power could close the interphasic bridge between intersecting universes. (TOS: "The Tholian Web")

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