Tuvok reading the traditional salutation

Tuvok reads the salutation

Celebrating Prixin

Celebrating Prixin

Prixin was a traditional Talaxian multi-day holiday that celebrated family.

Prixin was a joyful time for family and friends to gather and enjoy delicious meals. A traditional food served at Prixin was fruit compote served in root nectar, which was typically aged for several weeks before the first night of the holiday began..

Prixin was celebrated annually aboard the USS Voyager. In 2374, the first day of Prixin fell on a Thursday.

The traditional salutation of Prixin (abridged) is "We do not stand alone. We are in the arms of family: [an extensive list of family members is read]. We gather this day to extol the warmth and joy of those unshakable bonds. Without them we could not call ourselves complete. On this day we are thankful to be together. We do not stand alone." (VOY: "Mortal Coil")

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